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Tech up, cost down...

... Polymer solutions in every batch size for more than 50 industries

Different industries need different solutions. Whether in mechanical engineering, motor vehicle manufacturing, intralogistics, in cleanrooms or 3D printing - igus offers customised support for special applications. igus has many years of experience and specialist consultants for many industries. The following overview is merely an extract. If your industry is not listed, please let us know. We're here to help.

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3D printer

3D printer icon

Components or ready-to-install system solutions for 3D printer construction – lubrication-free, durable and suitable for any installation space

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Airplane and tower icon

Low-maintenance, robust and fire-proof: polymer products for special application areas in aviation, aerospace, airport equipment and drones/UAVs

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Agricultural engineering

Tractor icon

Robust polymer bearings for agricultural machinery, Low Cost Automation products for vertical farming and agricultural robots for smart farming

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Work platforms

Work platform icon

Maintenance-free in outdoor use and continuous operation: lubrication-free bearing technology and durable energy chains and cables for oblique axes.

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Vending machinery

Coffee machine icon

100% lubrication-free, quiet and durable: plain bearings, linear guides, energy chains and drive modules for fully automated systems

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Automotive industry

Motor vehicle production icon

Quiet, lightweight bearing technology for passenger vehicles | safe energy supply with e-chains in motor vehicles | 3D energy supplies for motor vehicle production

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Rail industry

Train icon

Polymer components for passenger and goods transport: resilient, weather-resistant and fire-proof according to EN 45545 and NFPA 130

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Construction machinery


Robust, dirt-resistant bearing technology and energy supplies for excavators, wheeled loaders and work platforms

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Building material production

Cement factory icon

The alternative to steel systems: modular polymer solutions for building material production in general and cement factories in particular

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Sports boat icon

Products for interior and outdoor use: saltwater-resistant, lubrication-free, quiet and award-winning

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Camper vans

Caravan icon

Bearing technology for DIY removal of roof hatches, solar panels, furniture pull-outs, etc. in caravans

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Printing technology

Printing technology icon

Quiet, cost-effective and resistant to pressure dust and paper dust: motion plastics for use in printing systems

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Renewable energies

Renewable energy icon

Durable in all weathers and in dirt and water: products for photovoltaic, solar thermal energy, hydro plants and wind turbines

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Bicycle technology

Bicycle icon

Lightweight, dry-running polymer bearings instead of metal ones for 100 % maintenance-free forks, seat posts, rear frames, etc.

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Facade technology

Robot arm icon

Polymer spherical bearings for use on interior and exterior facades: lightweight, cost-effective and long service life in all weather conditions

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Fitness and rehabilitation

Fitness and rehabilitation icon

Polymer components for daily continuous operation in fitness equipment: tough, vibration-dampening, clean, light, quiet

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Fluid technology

Fluid technology icon

Maintenance-free, resistant plain bearings, spherical bearings and linear guides for pumps, valves and fittings

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Glass industry

Glass industry icon

Temperature-resistant, splinter-proof and quick to install: energy supplies, special cables and bearing technology for glass production and processing

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Port cranes

Port crane icon

The reliable, low-maintenance alternative to busbar systems, festoons and coil systems: energy chains for port cranes

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Indoor cranes

Indoor crane icon

Energy supply solutions and cables for indoor and bridge cranes: customised, extremely durable, low-maintenance

Wood industry

Wood industry icon

Resistant to swarf, dust and dirt: energy supplies for woodworking machines and CNC machining centres

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Material handling icon

Maintenance-free bearing technology and cost-saving energy supply systems for shuttle systems, SRUs and industrial vehicles

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Camera and film technology

Camera icon

Linear guide construction kits for camera sliders: quiet, easy to install, maintenance-free, wear-free, with smooth operation

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Wastewater and sewage treatment plants

Wastewater and sewage treatment plant icon

Durable and cost-effective energy chains, cables and guide troughs for small sewage plants up to large wastewater treatment plants

To the wastewater and sewage treatment plant industry page

Composting plants

Composting plant icon

Fail-safe, dirt and temperature-resistant components for use in composting and waste incineration plants and landfills

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Plastics machines

Wastewater and sewage treatment plant icon

Resistant to dust and heat, low-maintenance and durable: polymer solutions for extruders, injection moulding machines, etc.

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Shore power connections

Shore power connection icon

Energy supply systems for shore power supply for container, offshore and LNG terminals and ships: simple, durable, flexible

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Medical technology

Medical technology icon

Lubrication-free, cleanroom-compatible and media-resistant: polymer solutions for X-ray robots, laboratory equipment, medical furniture, etc.

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Furniture making/industrial design

Furniture making icon

Lightweight, quiet, and winner of multiple design awards: bearing technology and energy supplies for the furniture industry

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Model making

Model making icon

Lightweight, robust polymer solutions with very small diameters and bend radii and micro-designs in all product areas

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Motorbike and scooter

Motorbike icon

Robust, lightweight, and requiring no lubrication or maintenance: polymer plain bearings ensure better suspension fork, brake, and throttle valve performance

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Utility vehicles and lorries

Utility vehicle icon

Wear-resistant and maintenance-free polymer bearing technology for more reliability in machine elements of utility vehicles

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Utility vehicle icon

Safe, resistant to salt water and maintenance-free: energy supplies for use on drilling vessels and oil rigs

To the offshore industry page

Oil and gas industry

Oil and gas icon

Energy supply for catwalks, pipe handling and top drive systems: resistant to dirt and vibration and robust in continuous operation

To the oil and gas industry page

Prostheses and ortheses

Prostheses icon

Polymer bearing technology without lubrication, robust with thin walls, resistant to media and impacts and quiet

To the prostheses and ortheses industry page

Tyre production

Tyre production icon

Maintenance-free energy supply systems and bearing technology for vulcanisation plants, tyre production machines, etc.

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Cleanroom icon

Abrasion-resistant cleanroom components: specifically for moving elements, tested by the Fraunhofer Institute (IPA)

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Robot arm icon

Three-dimensional moving energy chains for multi-axis robots – modular, easy to install, and quick to fill

Discover energy chains for robots

Shipbuilding industry

Shipbuilding industry icon

Fail-safe energy chain systems and plain bearings for use in shipyards and on deep sea cranes and working ships

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Locks and dock facilities

Lock icon

Economical, safe, durable: tailor-made and ready-to-install energy supply systems from a single source

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Bulk handling

Bulk handling icon

Solutions for bucket wheel excavators, conveyor belts, etc.: corrosion-free and resistant to dirt, chemicals and high temperatures

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Service robots

Service robot icon

Fail-safe cables for movement and maintenance-free bearing technology for a wide variety of service robotics applications

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Textile industry

Textile industry icon

Dust-resistant, lubrication-free, maintenance-free solutions for bearing points and energy supply in textile processing machines

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Theatre/stage construction/lighting technology

Stage construction icon

Solutions for the safe, quiet travel of trusses, stage lighting, stage sets etc.

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Packaging industry

Packaging industry icon

Cost-effective, FDA and EU-compliant components for the general packaging, beverage, and food industry

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Car wash

Car wash icon

Corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free bearing technology and energy supplies for use in wet, dirty and hot environments

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Machine tools

Cleanroom icon

Prevent failures with polymer solutions for everything from simple machine tools to complex automated production lines

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