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+40 257 211021

Tech up ... Cost down. It's our job.

Innovations 2020

Technology up, costs down: we strive to meet at least one of them. For many years, this has been our profession and continues to be our promise to you. The immense challenges in the year 2020 spur us on even more. Experience over 100 motion plastics innovations 2020.

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New products and product range additions 2019

motion plastics® ... improve what moves ...

"How can I make moving parts better whilst reducing costs?" A question that engages buyers and developers day by day. Our motion plastics® give the answer: Improve what moves. Discover our 2019 product innovations and enhancements now!

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Despre noi

  • Expertul mondial în domeniul motion plastics®, cu soluții din material plastic pentru mișcare
  • Campionul discret în ingineria mecanică germană
  • Producător de vârf de sisteme de portcabluri și lagăre de alunecare
  • Cu reprezentanțe în 35 de țări, sediul central în Köln
  • igus® operează cele mai mari laboratoare de testare și fabrici din domeniul său